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Nestled in the heart of Alwar, Jey Krishna Club offers a world of leisure and community where tradition and modernity coexist. Our club is a sanctuary for those seeking an exceptional lifestyle that nourishes the soul and rejuvenates the senses.

Diverse Amenities: Our club is a haven of amenities, each catering to the diverse interests and preferences of our esteemed members. From culinary excellence in our restaurant to a tranquil poolside retreat, from spirited games on our squash court to cozy card games in our card room, Jey Krishna Club offers a multifaceted experience. Our well-maintained badminton court provides space for both casual games and competitive matches, ensuring that every level of player feels at home.

Architectural Grandeur: The front of our historic building welcomes visitors with an air of grandeur, showcasing our rich heritage. As you step into our club, the warm and welcoming reception area ensures that your experience is met with hospitality and guidance. It is the beginning of a journey that reflects our commitment to preserving tradition while embracing the present.

Versatile Event Space: Our spacious hall is a canvas for events and gatherings. Whether you’re hosting an elegant party or an educational seminar, it provides the ideal setting. Tailor it to your needs, and let it become the backdrop for unforgettable moments and experiences. It’s a space where memories are created and celebrated.

Culinary Excellence: The restaurant within our club is a culinary delight, offering a fusion of flavors that not only satisfy the palate but also delight the eye. It is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner, a family celebration, or a special event. Every visit is a celebration of taste and hospitality, showcasing the expertise of our chefs.

As you explore Jey Krishna Club, you’ll discover the essence of a vibrant community that balances relaxation and recreation. It’s a lifestyle that nurtures well-being, promotes social connections, and offers opportunities for leisure, cultural enrichment, intellectual pursuits, and physical fitness. Jey Krishna Club is more than a club; it’s a destination where tradition and modernity unite to create a unique and cherished lifestyle